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Be The Best Baby Shower Guest By Thinking About The Parents

It's all such a big deal. Someone you know is having a baby and you've been invited to the baby shower, but what to get?

Immediately the questions begin swirling in your head: How much should I spend? What time is this thing? How close am I to this person REALLY? Should I just get a gift card? Where else are they registered? How much do have to dress up for this thing? Do they know the sex of the baby? Does it matter? Did they want to know or not? What time is this thing again?

And those are just a few of the hundreds of questions (and potential landmines) that come flooding into your headspace when you've been invited to a baby shower.

Usually in the end you opt on getting some onesies, bibs, baby towels, blanket, or gift card the expectant parent(s) have put on their registry because the baby will need them and eventually use them, but somehow this seems disconnected from the essence of the moment. You are relieved that when the gift is revealed the recipient is apparently appreciative and genuinely happy for your thoughtful gift but something is missing. The whole process is repeated and every guest gets about the same appreciative adulation but the lot of the guests are just trying to keep their heads down until the end of the gift opening portion of the event. All this in anticipation of the opening of the expectant grandparent, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, or best friend's gift who will now wow the audience (and make you feel cheap) with the gifting of an entire baby bedroom suite with bedding included (That's why the bedding you were looking at was marked "Fulfilled"!) or the "Rolls Royce," top of the line stroller that was put on the registry as a lark.

"We'll never get this, but it sure is sweet. Let's put it on the registry and see if we get it!"

"BEEP!" sounds the store's registry gun as it is scanned onto the list.

Finally, its over, but you can't help but think, "That was a lot of stuff for that kid that might not even be used. And what about the people (person) who are going to have to take care of that little bundle of joy, pee, poo, and tears?"

That is why it is so important when gift-giving for a baby shower, don't forget the parents. Forgetting the parents can be easy in this whole equation. We as humans love new shiny things and in the pantheon of life, a baby may be the newest and shiniest. As a parent myself, I know how quickly you are tossed to the side when baby comes. And it makes sense, that kid can't do anything by itself, but a little reminder from friends and relatives that they are thinking about the parents really goes a long way. So add a little something for the parents in your baby shower gift bag.

Maybe that "parent-centric" gift is a restaurant gift card for a first dinner on the town or simply carry out. Or possibly a gift card to a spa for after the baby is born with a babysitting coupon with you dong the babysitting honors. OR MAYYYBEEE it's a (hint, hint) baby journal that focuses on the self-care of parents. One that encourages them to celebrate theirs AND their baby's first-year accomplishments and milestones. It will definitely mean the world to the parents (parent) that you thought about them and it might get you an early invite to see the little tyke at the first "Sip N See"... Now, what time is this thing again?

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