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Quality Random, LLC is a company that celebrates the joys and wonders of parenthood and the unique moments that come with it. Our philosophy is simple: Make Moments That Count. We create thoughtful, creative, and fun products that help bridge the gap between a parent's life before children and thier "new normal" after having children.

Founded by siblings Stafford Burns III and Danielle Wilson in Houston, TX, Quality Random, LLC has big plans to make our flagship product, the Cheers To You Baby! ™ Milestone Baby Journal a staple in the marketplace. It is the first in a suite of products designed for parents and their children.

The Cheers To You Baby! Milestone Journal is the perfect gift for baby showers, baby reveals, sip n' sees, or brand new parents. It's a unique, collectible milestone journal parents can use to document their baby's growth and the special moments that come. The adhesive wine labels included in the journal allow parents to celebrate those special occasions with family and friends. 

Parenting can be tough, but Cheers To You Baby! helps lighten the load by encouraging parents to take a moment to "Celebrate Baby's (and your) Milestones One Glass at a Time" with family and friends. 

...and now we're expanding our offerings with, targeting the cruise travel market. We have big plans for the future and are excited to have you along for the ride!

As always, Cheers!

What We Do

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Meet The Team

Danielle Pic.jpg

Danielle Wilson



Co-Founder, Quality Random, LLC.

Number of Kids:

1 (Boy Mom)

What’s In Her Glass?:

Austin Eastsider, Ruinart Brut Rosé or Chateau Durfort Viven Margaux Bordeaux (It’s hard to pick just one!)


Danielle is nostalgic and as a full-time art curator, it’s kind of her job.  With an art history master's degree, she loves the aesthetics of art as well as the history and background associated with it.  She also loves to celebrate a moment with family and friends. In Danielle’s world, the things that matter : family, friends, aesthetics, and capturing moments. The Cheers To You Baby!™ Milestone Journal, is the fusion of all those things in one book. 


“When my son was born I found it hard to bring it all together. The journals on the market were so insulated. Really it was just for mother and baby and a lot of the books didn’t look fun or inviting. Cheers To You Baby!™ was a way to bring in everyone to celebrate the good times and the not-so-good times. It was time to bring in the camaraderie to the traditional baby book. It’s something I missed out on because it just wasn’t created, but now parents have the chance to celebrate baby one glass at a time.”


Danielle still works full-time, but in her spare time when she is not building Magnatile car garages with her son, Cy, or hanging out with her husband, David, she’s building new fun products for Quality Random.  

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Stafford H. Burns 


Co-Founder Quality Random, LLC.

Number of Kids:

4 (with a 21 year gap between the oldest and the youngest)

What’s In My Glass?:

Shiner Bock, The Good Cider, Gin and Tonic, A bottle of red, a bottle of white


Stafford has been a Stay At Home Dad (S.A.H.D.) for close to 10 years after his wife Jill earned a 3-year ex-pat assignment in England. After 3 years and trips to over 30 cities in 12 countries, they returned stateside to learn that they had a bonus baby on the way.  Corbin was born 2 weeks after his oldest sister’s 21st birthday.  Ultimately he went from one of the youngest parents at the PTA to a couple of the oldest. Having Corbin made them nostalgic because they quickly realized how newborns blend. 


“For each kid, we got some form of a baby journal, and every time it fell by the wayside. So when Corbin was born we were always looking at each other like, “was it number 2 that had a hard time teething or number 3?” We wished we had something fun like Cheers To You Baby!™ that looked great, was fun, and brought everyone into the celebration.”


Stafford has a history degree but is handling the day to day operations of Quality Random.  When he’s not doing that, he’s either throwing paper airplanes with Corbin, putting together plant-based meals for the family or attempting to watch all of Netflix with his wife Jill.

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