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This one of a kind, unique baby book celebrates you and your baby while bridging your B.C. (Before Children) life with your A.D. (Added Diapers) life. It is a great way for you as a parent (along with your family, squad, and/or significant other) to recognize that your baby’s newest achievement wasn’t accomplished on their own.


Cheers To You Baby is a 103 page memory keepsake book that includes everything you need to celebrate your first year as a parent:

  • 12 Baby Milestones for you to capture how you celebrated you and your baby's firsts
  • 12 Journal Entries to for you to write down the most memorable random moments each month of you and your baby's first year
  • 11 Sticker Pages to personalize every moment
  • 25 quotes that remind you to celebrate yourself, have fun and enjoy your parenting experience


Thanks for shopping with Quality Random, LLC and purchasing our CHEERS TO YOU BABY!™ Milestone Journal.


SKU: 978-0-578-42965-6
  • Celebrate Baby's Milestones One Glass At A Time!

    Babies are always a reason to celebrate, especially the first year, but not every accomplishment needs to be celebrated without libations.  Cheers To You Baby!™ is a unique, collectable journal you can use to remember when and what happened with your baby as well as a collection of wine labels to stick on your bottle to help mark these special occasions.  

    Parenting can seem thankless sometimes.  That's why it's important to celebrate by raising a glass and saying... Cheers To You Baby!

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